terms and agreement between speaker/contributor and iviggo.com

iviggo.com is a global member-based website with videos/posts - for use in personal and professional development.

it is worldwide an ever larger growing market where people are seeking help with personal development. iviggo.com wants to convey inspirational and instructive educational films/posts to all - regardless of where they live.

iviggo.com have focus on all categories within personal and professional development.

iviggo.com seeks to offer members the best video speakers/coaches. this means that as a "iviggo.com-video speaker/coach" you get the opportunity for additional earnings.

the categories and topics which iviggo.com offers, is covered by a group of speakers, each with their specialty. iviggo.com expects to grow (so in relation to number of members also will be multiple speakers).

speaker is a recognized person within his operational area of personal development. or a person with a story that makes a difference to others within the qualifying guidelines.

speakers, as such capacity, wish to attend iviggo.com. the parties agree as following:

1. extend

1.01. the parties agree that the speaker himself will produce some "self-help videos"/films/posts- to be/will be approved by the iviggo.com before being posted on the page.

1.04. ivigoo.com are entitled to - in the captured - to edit/split/or process in general - so it will fit into iviggo.com concept and style.

1.05. iviggo.com.com have the right to apply the work results on the website, but also have the right to use this material in whole or in part of other contexts to promote the website.

1.06. iviggo.com are entitled to - discretionary - remove a post in whole or in part from the website and other places where entry has been made available to members or others.

2. payment

2.01. speaker receives the following fees that require the use of speakers' videos/ films/posts.

2.02. speaker's fee is based on the number of paying members in iviggo.com. each member pays EURO 15 per. month, incl. danish vat, to get unlimited access to the inspiration that will be shown on iviggo.com.

2.03. iviggo.com is/may be entitled to change the price of members' subscriptions, without prior obtaining speakers acceptance.

2.04. iviggo.com has chosen network marketing for the promotion of the iviggo.com has estimated that it will provide the speakers the best opportunities for profit.

2.05. network marketing: iviggo.com honors its paying members to recommend iviggo.com to others. up to 42% of the revenue goes to the members. another 20% of the members' amount goes to a speaker pool. the sum of the pool is divided after a system based on which speaker has received the most views.

2.06. example:

2.07. iviggo.coms payment of speaker falls due for payment when the portal is gone "live", and member number is over 100. amounts below Euro 20 - is not paid, but are included in the results for the following month.

2.08. speaker is entitled access in the economics of iviggo.com so that the speaker can ensure that remuneration is on a residual basis. iviggo.com ensures that an audit opinion on the payments is made in connection with the annual report preparation. other audit-related review happens on speakers own expense.

3. assignment of rights

3.01. speaker agrees and understands that although iviggo.com is a portal which requires membership iviggo.com does not control how posts/videos/films can "pop up" if someone have carved or cheated. iviggo.com will in its terms of use of this website reserve the right to expel members who violate copyrights, but iviggo.com are not liable for any violations of speakers material, unless iviggo.com have actively participated in such violations.

4. termination

4.01. iviggo.com may terminate the agreement with 1 months notice.

4.02. iviggo.com is entitled to remove all films with speaker if the speaker acts in contexts iviggo.com believes can or will harm iviggo.coms reputation. but even though the videos are removed from the site, the agreement runs and payment of the 1 month notice period.

4.04. speaker may terminate its involvement with iviggo.com with 1 months notice, then delete the movies on iviggo.com.

4.05. iviggo.com are not eligible to show movies with speaker after termination of this agreement.

5. applicable law and venue

5.01. the agreement is subject to international law and jurisdiction.

5.02. the parties shall seek all conflicts resolved by direct negotiation between them.

5.03. if the parties cannot resolve a dispute through direct negotiations, the conflict should be resolved by mediation.

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