At IVIGGO you will be paid for your inspirational videos

You will be seen, heard and found in a new way

It's all free for you

Become a speaker now is a member website with inspirational video coaching, advice and help on personal development and growth

The website is in English. You are welcome to upload your videos in both English and Danish

We are looking for new experts and coaches to provide inspirational video coaching to our members

Inspirational video coaching has come to stay. will never replace the personal one to one coaching

We invite you to become a video coach at You can already sign up and upload your profile and videos

How does a video coach make money on

IVIGGO members pay 400 euros for one year membership

25 percent of the membership fee goes to a pool that is shared each month between the coach panel according to who has the most views.

Becoming a video coach is free

At the link below you can start your very own video coaching business

Become a video coach

Become a Video Coach

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